Failures don’t Deter: From Naughty Imp to Business Head

How do you describe someone who wears ten hats and aims to wear ten more? You don’t. You just conclude that it is Gayathri Suresh, a paramedic by profession.

Gayathri is a practicing Diabetes Educator and Clinical Podiatry specialist at Dr Suresh Diacare. With three decades of medical service under her belt, she actively participates in social service along with her professional work. She wears multiple hats – women empowerment champion, mentor, Managing trustee of Sparsha Foundation, Proprietress of Om Sai Enterprises, and a change maker in the fashion industry.

If you thought that was a mouthful, Gayathri is just getting started, as HerMoneyTalks found out in this interview.

“I started working at the age of sixteen and a half, as my worried mother immediately made me join work right after my examination. As a courageous girl, I used to voice the issues faced by the people of our area and solve everything. My mother was extremely distressed about my future!” Gayathri’s giggle belies her seriousness.

Gayathri began her career as a Lab Technician. After five years of work experience, at the age of 21, Gayathri decided to start her own business. She prepared a project plan to start a Polyclinic. She had dreams of becoming an independent entrepreneur since childhood. With the staunch support of her mother, Gayathri became the first business builder from her family. A self made woman with a vision “Being the naughtiest child of our family, I never listened to anyone. My father didn’t expect me to toe anyone’s line in a firm,” adds Gayathri.

She invested 35 lakhs for her project, which was a big deal for a 21-year-old woman during those times. “I went for a bank loan. Someone explained to me about MSME schemes and I finally availed it from SBI Bank. I can never forget this in my life because, I had mustered the guts to take 25 lakhs’ loan at that time,” confesses Gayathri. She invested all her earnings on gold and with that started her first business, Diagnostic and Polyclinic. I can never forget this in my life because, I had mustered the guts to take 25 lakhs’ loan at that time.

Being the sole proprietor of the firm, Gayathri took all the financial decisions from day one of her career. She invested her savings in gold, which became a good asset in her life. Two years later, Gayathri got married. Her first business posted some losses. But this business builder repaid her bank loan before the term end and received an appreciation letter from the bank for the same.

“I was not happy as my first venture was a loss. I found out my mistakes and relearned everything to start anew,” smiles Gayathri radiantly.

A ‘Never give up’ attitude

“As a person, I never give up on my dreams. I always had the confidence that I will become successful, no matter what!” Gayathri’s confidence is infectious. She did a lot of research and started another business – wholesale distribution of Medicine and medical consumables.

The tough times taught her unforgettable business lessons. By then she was handling her husband’s business also. Unfortunately, after 2 years, she had to give up her business career due to some challenges. A mother of two kids by then, Gayathri later continued her further studies and is a successful self-employed professional today.

As a person, I never give up on my dreams. I always had the confidence that I will become successful, no matter what! Gayathri plans to establish Asia’s number one Center for Diabetes in Karnataka, a best Orthotic and Prosthetic manufacturing unit and Rehabilitation Centre, an Old Age Home and Rehabilitation Centre for all kind of disabilities, a Mobile Foot Clinic, and a Skill Training Institute for women entrepreneurs under her supervision.

Money tips for women

(1) Plan your finances and make wise investments

(2) Make a savings plan along with the list of your expenses

(3) Be careful with money – don’t be scared of dealing with it; seek financial assistance from an expert when in doubt

Gayathri inspires all the women by declaring that failure is never the end, but an altogether new beginning to restart fresh. She also urges other women to treat the struggling females as equals by claiming that equality should start from women themselves rather than asking for it from others.

She wraps up her talk by quoting Mahatria: You have to get one thing wrong to fail in life; you have to get everything right to rise in life. There is no other way to greatness.