She Knows Money: And So Should all Women

“It is not our troubles that define us but how we embrace them”. The perfect example of such a problem-solving manager is Sumana Raghavendra, a detail-oriented accounting professional with 18+ years of experience in the MSME, FMCG and IT sectors. Her journey is a perfect transition of an ordinary woman to a high-performing team manager.                     

In this interview with HerMoneyTalks, Sumana shares her inspirations, work ethics and general tips for helping women become financially independent.

The initial workdays

As soon as Sumana graduated, she started working in a small company and due to financial needs at home, she started taking tuitions along with work. Later, Sumana joined an FMCG company called “Nilgiris”, where she got a lot of exposure and learned to handle things as an Accounts Executive. But very soon she had to leave the company as she got married and moved out.

Sumana tells about herself: "I am not a person who likes sitting at home”. Being a hard worker, while managing kids, she decided to restart her career journey and enrolled in a  government-trained classes in stitching, embroidering, tailoring and beautification.

One day, as she used to take her kids to a nearby park, Sumana saw a requirement drive from an FMCG company for a part-time role which she joined.  Currently she is working as a Senior Manager with the same company - Velocis Systems Private Limited.

It was also a good learning opportunity for Sumana as she learned to manage both work and kids. Sumana also stated that during the initial years when the support was required, the company was very supportive along with her family.

“Financial independence is essential”

As a management professional in accounting, Sumana tries to teach some values to her kids. She shares the same with the readers. She always asks her kids to write down their expenses. This instils accountability n responsibility about money management at young age. It is also essential to find out their interests well in advance to help them follow that as a passion as well as career.

Applications of accounting principles are for daily life too

“Accounting people are dealing with numbers all the time. But many of them do not apply these theories practically in daily life” says Sumana.

Sumanan shares that “Life is not a cakewalk. One has to strive hard; and walk when it is difficult. Having a positive attitude and believe in yourself is more important. It can take you to places”. She adds: “Be spiritual; it can help in several ways.

Situations make us strong

Sumana shares that her mother was instrumental in shaping up her as an independent woman. “She wanted to become a teacher, but she could not for many reasons”. Her father was a generous person who helped his close friends financially. But many of them never returned the aids received which turned out to be a disaster for Sumana’s family. It led to financial issues at her home, as they lost a lot of money.

Sumana follows her mother’s advise of not to just sit and look at her life passively; but to see things differently and always be financially independent. So, it comes to her naturally. Like Sumana, everyone can become financially independent by understanding simple concepts about money and apply it in practical life.