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Business kickstart

Looking for setting up a dream business idea? You focus on the product and we guide you with all nittigritties like trademerk, regsitrations, licences, domain, website,  digital marketing, branding, strategies, business plan, pitch deck and collaborations. Choose a package.

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Quizzes, assessments and tools

Take up an online quiz, fun assessment, or use our tools and calculators to plan for your future. Earn some points and rewards as you engage them.

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Get certifications

Browse through our learning modules and resources. Upskill yourself and get certified.

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Plan for your future

Start small investments to set milestones and plan for your future. 

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Education loans

Get education loans at special rates to cater your career aspirations

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Mentoring hours

Get guidance and mentorship from industry leaders for your career, entreprenurship and financial aspirations. Browse and book a slot

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Internship opportunities

Become a campus ambassador at HerMoneytalks and be a champion financial empowerment of girls. Stay tuned to other active internship opportunities available.

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Krishna Wadher

If you are an expert in any field, or if you like to lead and inspire a tribe of women, making them financially empowered, join as a HerMoneyTalks Women Leader