4 Little-known Insights into How Women in India Manage Money

One woeful stereotype that has persisted over the years has women unable to skillfully drive vehicles on roads or park them properly. Similarly, another prevailing stereotype of women insists that women and money management do not sit well with each other. On the other hand, sample this. A recent study by investment research firm Morningstar revealed that the number of women fund managers in India is steadily on the rise, growing at a rate of 20-30% per year.

Although they handled or oversaw only about 15% of the overall assets under management in value terms, 52% of such assets managed by women performed better than the benchmark group over a 1-year investment horizon. Insights like this only show that women are slowly coming into their own as far as managing money is concerned and could be breaching a psychological barrier associated with money management. As a result, ...  

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