Now, an investor pitch event exclusively for women entrepreneurs!

HerMoneytalks, in association with ecosystem partner 10000StartupIndia, brings to you an exclusive pitch event ‘Shakti’ where you can validate your business idea and get funded.

The event will be attended by global and Indian investors, who are looking to invest in the next big idea to come out of our community!


The event is open only to startups founded or co-founded by women. Participating startups can look forward to:

  • Opportunity to pitch to global and Indian investor community
  • Assistance in application for the event
  • Mock Pitch Session for final participants
  • Networking & collaboration with fellow women entrepreneurs
  • Awards for winning startups
  • Success stories of startups that raise funds will be published

Women entrepreneurs from HerMoneyTalks can also separately opt for:

  • Assistance in business plan creation (by HerMoneyTalks business mentors)
  • Business plan evaluation (by HerMoneyTalks business mentors)
  • Pitch coaching (by HerMoneyTalks business mentors)
  • Assistance in pitch deck creation (by HerMoneyTalks content team)

available at concessional rates for HerMoneyTalks members.

Pitch date: 21st Oct


By submitting your application or by participating in this pitch event for women entrepreneurs, you agree that:

  1. All queries regarding the event’s rules, eligibility, and application shall be directed to the designated 10000StartupsIndia official.
  2. The decision of the panel of judges shall be final and binding.
  3. The decision of investors to engage with startups of their choice is their personal decision and neither HerMoneyTalks nor 10000StartupsIndia shall intercede in this.
  4. As a participating startup or entrepreneur, you are aware of the nature of the event, its rules and regulations, and the implications of your participation in this event. You agree to abide by the rules and regulations of this event. Neither HerMoneyTalks nor 10000StartupsIndia shall assume any liability or damages whatsoever arising out any startup’s or entrepreneur’s decision to participate in this event or engage with any investor.
  5. As a participating startup or entrepreneur, you agree to abide by HerMoneyTalks’ Community Policy guidelines.

To enter the Shakti event, submit this Google form with all required details. These detail form part of your admission docket that will be used by the panel of judges to evaluate your entry. Upon submission of this form, you will receive an email at your registered email id, with details of next steps and your point of contact.

To help make your journey easier in this event in the run up to the final pitch, we have collated a few resources for you. Read the Ultimate Guide for Women Entrepreneurs in India to reorganize your thoughts and priorities as the founder of your company. Come to speed on topics and events related to entrepreneurship. Get inspired by stories of women entrepreneurs profiled by HerMoneyTalks. As you prepare for your pitch, for any topic related to your startup or business idea that you need advisory support on, you can request a consultation with one of our business mentors and empaneled experts.

Stay tuned for our entrepreneurship-related workshops on Business Plan Development for Entrepreneurs and Living on One’s Own for Young Working Women, which you may find helpful in your entrepreneurial journey. You can also refer your lady friends to our Developing Entrepreneurial Mindset and Micro Entrepreneurship for Homemakers workshops, which are workshop programs designed to financially empower and equip women planning on starting a home business or micro-enterprise.

For any other queries related to HerMoneyTalks, its initiatives for financial empowerment of women, or for collaboration with HerMoneyTalks, you can always talk to us.

We wish you the very best in this pitch event and in your entrepreneurial journey.