Businesses, especially startups, have been hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic. Sectoral demand and mobility have nosedived. Vision and confidence have given way to disorientation and pessimism. Funding, hiring, and revenue outlooks are being tempered, with uncertainty looming large. The biggest casualty has been business continuity.

In short, it’s an unsettling time for entrepreneurs.
Do you press on with growth strategies? Or settle for survival?
How do you maintain customer facetime and overcome supply chain disruptions?
How have business risks changed & what do you need to do now?

This webinar was held on 23rd April 2020 for startup platform B-Nest by HerMoneyTalks co-founder Hemanth Gorur. It provided guidance and food for thought for business owners as they grapple with the ongoing disruption in the markets to ensure business continuity and try to find their second wind as an entrepreneur.