Opportunitython is a first of kind program with a livestream with a global significance for all budding entrepreneurs to take advantage of. The program is a packed 26 hours of education, training, entertainment, from over 54 world class business and thought leaders. 

Opportunitython starts this Friday 24th April 4pm Eastern Time.

Attendees of this program will get multiple perspectives on how they can capitalise current events and turn theme into massive, compelling advantages for their existing businesses and into an amazing startup revolution. This will be a good opportunity for all those who have found themselves without a stable income.

Says, Mr.Abraham Paul Wadakkancherry, the Global Ambassador Opportunitython, The program attendees will learn how to create digital products that can be sold online fast and easy, how to promote them and enjoy a consistent income. They will also learn how to use social media for profit”.

The sessions include powerful techniques that help people to cope with today’s stress, but to use it as a leverage point for your long-term health and happiness.

Expert speakers from different parts of the world will conduct sessions on how you can “sell without selling” by simply adding value to people’s lives.

Students, budding entrepreneurs or home makers who wish to join this program can register here: https://opportunitython.com/Abraham