Neha Singh has over 12 years of corporate experience including over 3 years in Wealth Management at Standard Chartered Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank and Ask Wealth Advisors. Through her interactions with over 200 clients as wealth manager, Neha not only understood the financial products available, but also the practical challenges faced by those who lacked expertise in making investment decisions.

Armed with an MBA in finance, Neha is determined to put her past industry experience and knowledge to best use through financial literacy workshops and programs.

She believes that money management is not only about knowledge of financial products and working numbers. It is a discipline that needs to be understood from the basics – step by step – to enhance our overall quality of life. This is often more challenging for women, who face unique life situations, erratic careers, being primary caregivers, and depending on their partners to make financial decisions, or even inheriting a large amount of wealth and feeling unequipped to handle the same.

Her workshops are specifically designed for women, since she is convinced that personal finance is a powerful tool in empowering women, to make their own independent choices. Currently, Neha works with a leading online travel company in their business team, and hopes to inspire women of all ages (including her 6 year old daughter) to take charge of their monetary lives.