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Neha Tripathi

Neha has a decade of experience in Corporate Finance and Investment Banking. She is currently a Mentor and Counselor for women under sabbatical and people undergoing mid-career crisis to transform

Renu Maheshwari

Renu Maheshwari is the first individual SEBI Registered Investment Adviser in Tamilnadu and practices fiduciary Financial Planning and Portfolio Management. She is an MBA (Finance), Certified Financial Planner (CFPCM), CPFA and CFA-1. contact

Dr Srikanth P Parthasarathy

Dr CA Srikanth P Parthasarathy is the Managing Partner at Chakra Venture Partners LLP and a visiting professor of finance at the IIMs , SP Jain, ICAI, IMT etc in India and abroad. Dr.Srikanth is a Chartered Accountant rank holder and CIMA UK India Topper. contact

Nidhika Bahl

Nidhika is an International Bestselling Author of the book ‘The Queen Of The Comeback’. She is also an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, strategic interventionist, and a celebrity life coach. contact

Sandeep Bisht

SandeepBisht, Co-Founder, Filing Samadhan  is a post graduate with a specialization in Banking and Finance. His area of practice is Banking, Finance, Economics, MSMEs, Accounting, Audit, Corporate Laws, Insolvency and Bankruptcy etc. contact

Nida Sahar

Nida Sahar is an entrepreneur, an engineer, a technical leadership mentor, a writer and a poet from Bangalore, India. She is passionate about supporting women in science, engineering and technology. contact

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