The idea behind

Today, over 300 million women across India face some kind of financial disempowerment, discrimination, or exclusion. Despite the penetration of the banking and financial sectors into the heartlands of the country, many of these women do not have disposable money in their hands to do what they want to do in their lives.

This could take many forms.

  • Working women may not be able to invest on their own, owing to societal and family restrictions.
  • Female entrepreneurs may not be getting access to capital for doing business.
  • Housewives may lack the confidence and the knowhow to take financial decisions on their own.
  • Widowed women and divorcees may be contending with social pressure when it comes to spending money.
  • Girl students may be ill-equipped to take independent career-related decisions owing to financial dependence on family.
  • Rural women may not be able to save for their future or spend for their health despite being earning members.
  • We decided to do something about this. And Her Money Talks® (HMT) was born.

    • Her Money Talks® is a digital platform and knowledge portal designed to empower women financially, help them save money, and help them connect with a potent network of enablers, experts, evangelists, and businesses.

      Her Money Talks® aims to put women’s money back where it belongs – in women’s hands. We aim to achieve this in a collaborative and sensitive way, mindful of societal norms and expectations. We hope to bring about a disruption in the way women are perceived when it comes to money.

who we are

Her Money Talks® (HMT) is not just another typical “women’s platform”. It is a powerful idea whose time has come! It is striving to achieve what has not been attempted before on an unprecedented scale.

Her Money Talks® takes financially disempowered women and gives them a unique opportunity – the opportunity to realize their true self-worth. It does this by helping women take undiluted control of their finances and direct their earnings towards their own security, health, and future. Her Money Talks® helps women determine and achieve their potential financial worth with an intricately designed ecosystem tailored to their unique financial needs.

  • Her Money Talks® is a digital financial platform and knowledge portal
  • It aims to prevent, diminish, and eradicate financial exploitation and exclusion of women across India
  • It provides women the tools to learn and acquire financial know-how, know their options, share their stories, engage with support groups, and interact with financial organizations
  • It helps women get best-in-class financial products, services, and support for a financially secure future
who’s it for
Our Community

Her Money Talks® is for women of all ages, regions, professions, and socio-economic backgrounds. This platform is for all women who are deprived of access to money or finance, or have disposable capital at hand and wish to employ it productively in an independent manner.

Our Network

Her Money Talks® is also a network of bankers, financiers, insurers, investment advisers, wealth management consultants, financial planning professionals, tax consultants, lawyers, chartered accountants, and other professionals connected to the personal finance world, which can be leveraged by community members of Her Money Talks®.

Our Partners

Equally, Her Money Talks® strongly believes in an inclusive approach, and thus welcomes all like-minded men in putting their shoulder to the wheel and making this happen. We invite men to be equal partners in bringing our idea and vision into the realm of reality. Our community members are your mothers, wives, sisters, and daughters – help us help them!