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About us

Today, over 300 million women across India face some kind of financial disempowerment, discrimination, or exclusion. Despite the penetration of the banking and financial sectors into the heartlands of the country, many of these women do not have disposable money in their hands to do what they want to do in their lives. The first casualty of this is the financial empowerment of women.

HerMoneyTalks® aims to put women’s money back where it belongs – in women’s hands. We aim to achieve this in a collaborative and sensitive way, mindful of societal norms and expectations. We hope to bring about a disruption in the way women are perceived when it comes to money. HerMoneyTalks® is a digital financial platform and knowledge portal designed to enable financial empowerment of women, help women save money, and help them connect with a potent network of enablers, experts, evangelists, and businesses.

HerMoneyTalks® is not just another typical “women’s platform”. It is a powerful idea whose time has come!

Driven & Experienced

The HerMoneyTalks Team

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