HerMoneyTalks founder Nisary M was featured in a recent edition of leading English daily The New Indian Express in a report on the current state of the financial ecosystem, the funding landscape for women entrepreneurs, and low participation of women in the startup scene as founders of new ventures. The report also had participation of top dignitaries and functionaries of the Kerala StartUp Mission (KSUM).

Nisary started her first venture as early as in 2009 when the startup scene had not yet evolved.

When I started, there was a lack of guidance. Work came in through references and word of mouth. As a woman in the digital space, people took me lightly.

Nisary M, Founder of HerMoneyTalks

Dr. Saji Gopinath, CEO of KSUM, had some encouraging words to say about women entrepreneurs, even while noting areas of improvement.

Women entrepreneurs tend to come up with solid ideas, hence their rate of failure is low. In the initial years, they do make a profit, even while lagging in raising investments.

Dr. Saji Gopinath, Chief Executive Officer of KSUM

P M Riyaz, Project Director of KSUM, feels celebrating women’s success is important.

At KSUM, women are given preference in seed funds, extension on moratoriums and travel grants to encourage them.

P M Riyaz, Project Director of KSUM

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