Women car buyers are on the prowl! Combined with changing lifestyles and higher spending power, more and more women in India are buying cars. It’s a fast-growing section of the market, and car makers across the board are witnessing an increase in the number of women car buyers. Consequently, Ford, one such car maker, is gearing up to better address their needs.

Ford India is thinking about crafting and designing products that keep the sensibilities of women at the fore. Thus, it is trying to address the different orientation or utility women may be looking for. The opportunity Ford sees is huge as the number of women car buyers continues to increase steadily.

“There are more women buyers coming into the marketplace. We knew women were driving cars more, but the ownership pattern was still largely male-dominated. Today, across the industry, 8 percent of car ownership is with women. We believe over the next few years that figure will rise to 12 percent. The good thing as far as Ford is concerned is that women constitute 15 percent of all EcoSport buyers, and 25 percent of all Freestyle buyers”, says Anurag Mehrotra, Managing Director, Ford India.

Explaining the reason behind the Ford Freestyle being chosen by a higher ratio of women car buyers, Mehrotra said, “With the Freestyle, the points that have resonated with women car buyers are the high ground clearance, given the conditions of roads in India; it’s safe with six airbags, and finally, they do not want to compromise on the fun-to-drive factor. I’m happy to see that shift in women ownership increasing and going after attributes beyond price and cost of ownership and really valuing the experience.”

So, your dream of buying a car is now within reach. There are a host of car loans available for women from all leading banks and NBFCs.


Source: Autocar India